Tandem Solar Inc.

At Tandem Solar, we work closely with Tribes to realize ambitious energy goals. From complete grid independence to reduced power costs, we can assist with the development of all types solar energy projects. Tandem Solar can work with you to:

  • Gain reduced and predictable energy costs from solar power for the next 20-25 years
  • Install a system with no capital outlay
  • Create a Tribal Utility and disconnect completely from the local utility supplier where a large scale project is feasible
  • Use the renewable resources of the Sun instead of depleting the Earth
  • Power homes and communities where no services are currently available (completely “off grid”)
  • Develop pumping systems for wells, livestock water, crop irrigation and other water treatment systems
  • Benefit from numerous federal, state and local renewable energy incentives
  • Have a stable energy source with no blackouts
  • Work with one company that can provide a complete end-to-end renewable energy solution

What Tandem Solar provides Tribal clients:

  • Solar project sales and financing including: cash purchase, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or debt and equity financing.
  • System engineering, design and budget optimization
  • Experience with Feasibility Grant procurement and Federal Government programs
  • Federal Lead Agency and NEPA Permitting Expertise
  • High-quality system installation by certified professionals that work with and train local community members in the installation and operation of renewable energy systems.
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • The best guarantee in the industry
  • Support for Tribal sustainability initiatives

Valuing a solar project requires weighing a number of variables that include:

  • The total cost of the installed system – Tandem Solar assists from feasibility to full project funding
  • Solar applicability for your region – the American Southwest provides among the best solar and/or wind development opportunities in the world for return on investment and total energy system outputs
  • Federal, state, and local incentives at your disposal
  • Your local retail rate of electricity-switching to renewable energy will usually result in great savings
  • Environmental benefits
  • Independence from increasing energy costs
  • Off grid power sourcing
  • Let us help you analyze your unique set of variables to develop your customized economic model and assess whether a solar system will help you meet your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions