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Higher US Solar Production Than Anticipated

California’s solar power generation has made up for the drought-induced production shortcomings of the hydropower industry. Solar production has risen to the point that California has become the first state with more that 5% of its electricity produced from solar. But

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Southern California Solar Projects News

California Solar Project Reforms Proposed California Public Utilities Commission proposed big reform to California’s residential rates for electricity in April, like flattened tiers, minimum bills and time-of-use rates. These changes which were proposed are diverse for the solar industry. Additionally, the CPUC is involved in

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California SGIP

There is an active proposal at California’s PUC that can potentially amend renewable incentives which drives revenue to fuel-cell vendors like Bloom Energy as well as a some other firms. California’s SGIP, or Self-Generation Incentive Program, was authorized again by Jerry Brown, California’s Governor, and will further provide

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