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Solar Lease and Home Sales

Solar Lease and Home Sales

Can a Solar Lease Impede a Home Sale?

Recently in Bloomberg an article suggested there could be issues in which customers have had trouble selling their home due to their solar lease agreement deterring potential buyers. While solar systems have raised home values in California by $5900/kw, a solar leasing agreement may complicate matters. Most obviously, the story in Bloomburg indicates:

  • Solar modules are considered private property when a solar developer leases them to the homeowner, so rather than being a piece of the house, they must be transferred separately from the home purchase.
  • New homebuyers can be reluctant to take over payments on long-term solar contracts.
  • Occasionally a new homebuyer does not meet the minimum required credit scores that the leasing company is looking for.

Our opinion: Well, we have attempted to come up with a reasonable excuse to think this is actually a formidable issue, but honestly, it appears that a few stories like: this family reports having problems, because, although every metric shows that a new homebuyer will save money, they still are hesitant to buy a home with a solar lease, mainly because they do not understand it.

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