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Solar Installation in San Diego

Solar Installation in San Diego


It is another bright and sunny day in the San Diego area. The sky is blue and there is barely a cloud in the sky. You are on your way to work but at the same time you are saving money without even trying because you have a solar system on your home.

If you are in the San Diego area, you have seen many houses installing solar panels. As of 2013 more than 25,000 homes have installed solar in the San Diego area. There are many concerns about the environment in the state of California, however solar products provide an environmental benefit because they do not produce any pollution or emit carbon dioxide. San Diego area has 263 sunny days per year and you might as well as make the best of the sunny situation by capitalizing on the solar energy. It seems like there are a lot of different companies that provide solar installation in San Diego.

Solar energy, since it is derived from the sun, is a completely clean and renewable resource. There are two different types of solar technologies, which are either active or passive solar that are defined by the way they capture and convert solar power. The most utilized form of solar technologies that are installed in the San Diego area is called a photovoltaic system also known as a PV system. Most PV systems have a lifetime of 30 years and are connected to the community electric grid that could reduce your home energy bill. You even have the potential of eliminating your energy depending on area laws and how much energy that your family uses on a daily basis. The local San Diego utility has started a new Net Energy Metering program that allows excess energy to be sold back to the community energy grid, ask about it before installing your solar energy system.


Sunny Days

reduced Racking for two landscape panelsThe typical system on a residential photovoltaic system produces 10 Kilowatts of power, but the size of the system is going on to depend on the size the of your home. The amount of electricity that a system can predictably produce will depend on the number of sunny days per year that a geographic region normally experiences, your solar installer in San Diego can help optimize these sunny days. In San Diego, the average year experiences 263 sunny days (includes both full sun and partly sunny days), this means that the San Diego region can predictable produce a high amount of solar energy.


Considering Solar Energy

When thinking about completing a solar installation in San Diego the first step is to determine your average yearly use of electricity. It is important to find the yearly use because energy consumption can vary from one season to another, such as during the summer months when air conditioning use is huge verses the winter months. Knowing your average consumption of electricity will determine how large the solar system will need to be installed.

You may want to consider the landscaping around your house because of neighboring large trees, tall buildings, and hanging cables. Any type of shadow that falls on your roof can adversely affect the efficacy of the solar system. When a shadow falls on your solar system it reduces the overall daylight hours that your solar system can experience. The amount of daylight hours is important for the system because this determines the amount of power that the system can produce. During San Diego’s worst month of receiving sun (when the sun is the furthest point away from San Diego), it receives roughly five hours of sunlight a day. So, in order to effectively use the system year round the solar cells should have a direct line to the sun. Your solar installer can give you recommendations that will assist in determining what landscaping needs to be removed or trimmed.

Are you physically healthy? Most roof solar systems need to be cleaned to maintain optimum efficacy. Are you going to go up to your roof to wash the solar system? Maybe hiring a cleaning service that is in the San Diego area, however this will add to the overall cost of installing and supporting the solar system. Most manufactures provide a warranty of the solar system that lasts any where between 10 to 25 years.


Knowing the Different Solar Cells

solarworld315There are two main solar cells on your solar modules that you may want to consider for your home. They are called monocrystalline silicon cells and polycrystalline silicon cells. Believe it or not those words are English!

The monocrystalline silicon cell is know for being extremely efficient and able to produce more energy for a smaller amount of roof space, however the monocrystalline cell is also the most expensive. The other cell, the polycrystalline silicon cell is more cost effective and is a good choice if you have mostly overcast days, however they will take up more real estate on your roof. A benefit you may want to consider is that solar manufacturers or even solar installers can provide you a guarantee that their system will produce a certain amount of energy for a specific time frame.


Call in a Professional

There are a lot of articles, videos, and even books out there are state that you can make and install a solar system yourself. In the state of California, there are a lot of laws and regulations revolving around renewable energy sources, mainly because there are potential tax and utility credits involved. It is important to find a professional for solar installation in San Diego to properly install your solar system. Not only do you want to make certain that the solar system is in proper alignment to receive the optimal amount of sun but also to ensure the safety of your family. With the extra weight on the roof, it is important to guarantee that your roof will not cave or receive extra stress that would reduce its life expectancy.

Reach out to Tandem Solar for solar installer in San Diego to get your home properly assessed to add solar cells as a cost saving and long-term benefit.

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  1. Great Article! When you live in the desert you are in an ideal to use the power of the sun and put your money on your pocket. Energy from the sun is clean and renewable. and Even wen its cloudy our solar system still generate electricity.

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