Tandem Solar Inc.

Why Go Solar?

  • Lower your electric bill year-round
  • Realize instant energy cost savings
  • Gain energy cost predictability
  • Avoid summer “bill shock”
  • Enhance your property value
  • Be energy independent – become your own power producer!

What Tandem Solar provides to its clients:

  • In-depth analysis of energy usage patterns
  • System engineering, design and budget optimization
  • Solar permitting
  • Access to a network of pre-qualified, local, licensed installers with proven solar track records
  • System monitoring and maintenance
  • A single point of contact for complete end-to-end solar solutions

Custom Financing Solutions:

In contrast to a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide custom-tailored technical and financial solutions to maximize the value of your solar investment. Tandem Solar offers:

•   Direct purchase and “turnkey” delivery of a solar system

•   Access to PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing, where available

To learn more about which financing options are right for you, click here

Why act now?

Skyrocketing Costs – It is very likely that what you will pay for electricity this year will be higher than last and that this trend will continue. Customers in Southwest United States pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country for standard residential service, with rates up to $0.38/kWh during the summer months. Electricity is consuming an ever-greater share of Americans’ after-tax income and households are faced with constant uncertainty about how high their rates will be and how much they will have to pay next year.

Lack of Control & Choice – Most of your electricity today is produced from burning coal, oil and natural gas, which releases unhealthy chemicals into the atmosphere, polluting the air you breathe. Electricity consumers purchasing exclusively from the grid have no control over where their energy comes from.

Costs & Incentives the cost of installing solar is at an all-time low. Combined with local, state and federal incentives, solar has never been as affordable as it is today. The time to act is now since many of these incentives will be used-up, discontinued or lowered within the next two years.