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Finance Solar System

Option #2 – Finance Solar  (Power Purchase Agreement)

Tandem Solar provides Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) financing for our commercial, tribal and government clients. A PPA is a contract to buy solar power at a pre-determined rate, for a defined period of time (typically 20 years). Under a PPA arrangement, Tandem Solar (as the Power Provider) finances, builds and owns the solar PV system on your property and sells you (the Host User) the electricity produced by the system. This electricity is used to power your building or faciity, just like electricity from the grid. The benefit to you is that the energy produced by the solar system replaces energy that you would otherwise have to buy from the utility. Depending on the size, location and type of system, Tandem Solar can sell energy to its clients at 10%-30% less than the average price they pay to the utility. A client who opts for a PPA-financed system also benefits from their utility’s net-energy metering program.

Benefits of financing solar with a PPA:
  • No upfront costs
  • Lock in your electricity rates for the next 20 years
  • Reduce your reliance on the grid and protect against utility rate increases
  • Achieve immediate electricity cost savings and long-term cost certainty
  • Operations and Maintenance is included in the PPA price
  • For commercial property owners, reduce and stabilize operating expenses and boost NOI and property value
  • For government and tribal clients, reduce facilities budgets and put those funds to use elsewhere
  • Have the option to purchase the system after 6 years
  • Have a positive net impact on the environment, fight climate change and reduce your carbon footprint


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